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Criteria to appear on the wall:

1. Served in any branch of the military
2. Is from Lunenburg County Virginia or a county
bordering Lunenburg.

If you know a name that we need to add to our memorial wall, please use the form at the bottom of this page
to let us know so that we may add them. Thank you for your help in creating this tribute page! We'd
like to also thank the members of VFW Post 9954 in Victoria as they are gathering names for us to list.

Local Heroes From Lunenburg County 
Name Branch Additional Info. Hometown
Abernathy, Eugene E. Army SGT - Served in the Phillipines Kenbridge, Virginia
Arrington, Rawley David Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Arvin, Bud N/A N/A Victoria, Virginia
Atkinson III, James E. Army Korea Victoria, Virginia
Austin, Burton N/A N/A Victoria, Virginia
Bagley, Sr. Charles Gray Navy Korean War Kenbridge, Virginia
Barefoot, Miles Ashley Army N/A Victoria, Virginia
Barnes, Hardy Cornelius Army Sergeant Kenbridge, Virginia
Barnett, James Hunter N/A N/A Victoria, Virginia
Bentley, Valerie Navy MM3 1999-2003 Victoria, Virginia
Blevins, Olin G. Army PFC - WWII Green Bay, Virginia
Brooks, Jr. Robert H. "Bobby" Army Clerk Dundas Virginia
Cichorz, Allan Leo Marine Corps Corporal Victoria, Virginia
Clark, David Eugene Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Clark, Herman Hobert "Happy" Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Clark, Steven Ray National Guard Class 4 Specialist Victoria, Virginia
Clark, Thomas Eugene Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Clarke, Gordon Thea Army Corporal Victoria, Virginia
Corning SR., Ralph L. Navy WWII Victoria, Virginia
Corning, Tyler B. Army N/A Victoria, Virginia
Cothran, John Barkley Army Corporal Victoria, Virginia
Crafton, Stuart V. Army PFC - WWII Victoria, Virginia
Craven, Aubrey Anthony (Tony) Navy OS1 (SW/AW)  Victoria, Virginia
Craven, Aubrey Milton Army SP4 - Born 7-29-1944 Kenbridge, Virginia
Daniel, Archie Grey Navy WWII Kenbridge, Virginia
Davis, Julian Thomas Army WWII Kenbridge, Virginia
Dickerson, Sr.,  Jack M. Air Force Lt. Col - WWII Kenbridge, Virginia
Dodson, Owen Army Master Sergeant Kenbridge, Virginia
Duffy, James Peter "J.P. Marine Corps N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Eanes, Morton Manning Army Staff Sergeant Kenbridge, Virginia
Ellis, William Ralph Air Force Technical Support Sgt. Victoria, Virginia
Epperson, Sr.,  Edward Earl "Epp" Army Korean Conflict Kenbridge, Virginia
Estes, Miles Dene Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Fowler, James Melvyn National Guard SFC Victoria, Virginia
Fowler, Timothy Michael Air Force MSgt  Kenbridge, Virginia
Gaidowski, James Michael Army N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Gallion, Howard Randolph Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Gallion, James Woodward Amry N/A Victoria, Virginia
Gatling, Richard Henry Navy VFW Member Victoria, Virginia
Gibson, William Jeffery  Army Sergeant Kenbridge, Virginia
Gosney, Jr. Russell Thomas Army PFC Kenbridge, Virginia
Hallock, Gordon S. Army Corporal Kenbridge, Virginia
Harding, Brandon Allen National Guard Lieutenant Victoria, Virginia
Harding, George Morrell Army SGT   Victoria, Virginia
Harding, Thomas Wade National Guard SFC Victoria, Virginia
Hardy, Sr., Harold Page Army Corporal - Bronze Star Recipient Victoria, Virginia
Hart, Thomas A. Army N/A Victoria, Virginia
Hawthorne, James Manson "Pete" Army N/A Dundas Virginia
Hite SR., Francis W. Army Corporal Lunenburg, Virginia
Hood, Floyd Edward Army First Class / Paratroop/ Glider Purple Heart Victoria, Virginia
Inge SR., Richard Lawson Army 395th Engineer Company Victoria, Virginia
Isherwood, Norman Raymond "Dick" Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Isherwood, Thomas Everette "Tee" Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Jackson, Tommie Lee Army N/A Victoria, Virginia
Jeter, Louis Woodrow Army N/A Dundas Virginia
Jordan, Ricky Navy PO2 Victoria, Virginia
Lacks, Jason Lee Marine Corps Lance Corporal 1st Batt. 9th Marines Kenbridge, Virginia
Lafoon, Hubert N. Army WWII Victoria, Virginia
Lynch, Dennis W. National Guard SFC - Served in OIF 2004-2005 Victoria, Virginia
Lyles, William Dale "Billy" National Guard CW4 Kenbridge, Virginia
Marshall, John Franklin Army SP5 Victoria, Virginia
Matthews, Anthony James  Navy Aviation Electronics Tech 3 Kenbridge, Virginia
McDaniel, Kenneth G. Army N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
McGhinnis, Roger Levi Army WWII Lunenburg, Virginia
Misorski, Ronald J.  Navy PO 1st Class  FTG-1 Vietnam Vet. Victoria, Virginia
Muse JR., Lloyd R. Navy 1st Class Petty Officer EM1 Victoria, Virginia
Muse, Mike Air Force N/A Victoria, Virginia
Neblett, Charles William Coast Guard N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Neblett, Jr. Charles Donald National Guard N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Neblett, Sr. Charles Donald Army N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Neblett, William James Navy N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Newcomb, William Benjamin Army PFC. - Infantry  Victoria, Virginia
Overton, Louie N/A N/A Victoria, Virginia
Overton, SR., Gilbert Harvey Army N/A Victoria, Virginia
Parrish, Eddie Levi National Guard Ret. SFC 40 Years of Service Kenbridge, Virginia
Perez, John Army N/A Victoria, Virginia
Quinn, Eric L. National Guard Captain Meherrin, Virginia
Quinn, Lawton M. Air Force N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Raney, Steed Winslow National Guard PVT Kenbridge, Virginia
Richards, Jeffrey Lee National Guard N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Roach, Kenneth Armistead Army Staff Sergeant Victoria, Virginia
Sadler, Percy Leo Army PFC - WWII Victoria, Virginia
Saunders, Norman Army Served in Germany Kenbridge, Virginia
Scott, Jr.,  Rober Lee Marine Corps E-5 / SGT Victoria, Virginia
Smith, Franklin Lee Army N/A Victoria, Virginia
Snead JR., Walter M. Navy Coxman Victoria, Virginia
Tuck, David T. Navy Corpsmen Attached to the Marines Victoria, Virginia
Tuck, Donald S. Army RETIRED MASTER SGT Victoria, Virginia
Stupasky, Steve  N/A N/A Kenbridge, Virginia
Thompson, Christopher R. National Guard Sergeant Kenbridge, Virginia
Thompson, R.E. "Popeye" Army S/SGT Europe WWII Victoria, Virginia
Tuck, Jr., Walter Douglas  Navy Petty Officer 3rd on Ammunition Ship Victoria, Virginia
Turner, Gordon D. Army Staff Sergeant Kenbridge, Virginia
Vaughan, Alvis L. Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Wallace, Claude Morgan Army Sergeant Kenbridge, Virginia
Wallace, Tom Dill Army SP4 (T) (E-4) Kenbridge, Virginia
Wallce, Howard Mason Army Infantry Lunenburg, Virginia
Westerlund, Donald R. Navy RM2 Victoria, Virginia
Wilkins, Ollie N/A N/A Lunenburg, Virginia
Williams, Hank N/A N/A Lunenburg, Virginia
Williamson, Thomas C. Navy N/A Victoria, Virginia
Willis, Graham Forest Air Force Senior Airman Victoria, Virginia
Wolfe, Captain Rex Navy Captain Kenbridge, Virginia
Yeatts, Benjamin Huntley Army WWII Kenbridge, Virginia
Yeatts, Claude Wesley Army E5 - WWII  (European Theater ) Kenbridge, Virginia
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