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Clarke & Staples Funeral Homes, Inc.
    • I'd like to preplan my funeral, but I don't have the money to pay at this time. Can you help?
      If you'd like to pre-plan your funeral, our staff we will be more than happy to meet with you. In planning the service, there are no costs associated with this. If at a later time you decide you would like to place money into a trust fund for your funeral expenses, this is a simple process that we can handle for you.Back to top

    • What do I need to do if I want to donate my body?
      Contact us and we can provide you with the Virginia Anatomical donation form. We will then have it processed and documented. Once death occurs your family can contact us and we will make all of the contacts for you.Back to top

    • Does your company handle pet cremations?
      Having pets of our own, we understand the importance of care for your extended family member. We do provide pet cremation services, simply call us at the time of death and we will walk you through the process.Back to top

    • Can we use a casket that we purchased somewhere else?
      Yes! Federal law requires that any funeral home must accept third party caskets. When buying please be sure that the casket measurements will allow it to fit in a burial vault should you wish to have one as well as ensure it's suitable to hold the weight and measurements of the deceased. Also be sure to check the warranty on such things as handles and hardware, the lids etc. Back to top

    • Why are funerals so expensive?
      If you look at other life events such as: weddings and births, a funeral is not really expensive. Because the two events mentioned are happy events, they are rarely criticized. When you look at the costs associated with running a funeral home such as: staff, hearse, flower vans and facilities, these costs are factored into a funeral. A funeral home is a twenty four hour labor intensive business and also factored into the costs are items such as memorial folders, DVDs, Casket, Vault, services of the funeral director to make arrangements, processing and filing insurance claims, obtaining and securing the death certificates, social security administration filings, working with doctors, florists, ministers, newspapers, cemetery management and others not mentioned. Funeral directors provide a valuable service to the community but at the same time it is a business and there has to be profit in order to continue to provide the services. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible when compared to other firms in the surrounding communities. Back to top

    • Do you have a payment plan?
      We don't offer a payment plan for at need services. If you'd like to prepay your expenses by placing your funds into an irrevocable trust, we do offer extremely flexible low payment plans. Call us today to talk about your options. Back to top

    • I'm new to the area and can you advise where I can purchase cemetery plots.
      To purchase grave spaces in the Kenbridge Heights Cemetery in Kenbridge you would need to contact our Kenbridge office at: (434)696-8281. To purchase grave spaces in the Lakeview Cemetery in Victoria you can contact our Victoria office at: (434)696-5502. For private church or family cemeteries you would need to contact the person in charge of those lots. If we can be of assistance in helping you contact them, please let us know. Back to top

    • I need to buy a tombstone, do you handle this?
      We offer a wide selection of choices when it comes to grave markers and stones. We can start with a design that you have or we can start from scratch. We offer granite, marble, laser etched and all of the popular choices that are available. We're also proud to offer the best prices in the area on our stones. We handle everything from the design to the installation. Contact us at: (434)676-8281 for a free consultation. Back to top

    • I made arrangements with another funeral home, is it possible to have the arrangements sent to you?
      If you've already paid for your final expenses or the expenses of a loved one at another funeral home, we can easily transfer everything to our location at no additional cost. No matter whether the funeral home is located across the street or across the country, we can handle all aspects of the transfer. Back to top

    • Do I have to use a vault?
      A burial vault is not required by the funeral home or the state, however some cemeteries do require the use of a vault to keep the grave from excessive settling and other reasons set forth by the management. As far as our local cemeteries, the Kenbridge Heights and Lakeview Cemeteries do not require the use of a vault.Back to top

    • Is it possible to have a viewing before cremation?
      We have rental as well as cremation caskets available for viewing before the cremation takes place. We feel this is helpful to many families to get that closure that most of us seek. This can be a public or private viewing. Back to top

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