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Clarke & Staples Funeral Homes, Inc.
 Funeral & Cremation 

The funeral service or ceremony is an important aspect of the grieving process. At Clarke and Staples
Funeral Homes we strongly believe in traditional, hometown personal service that concentrates on the
family while helping you express “This life was important”.
 The funeral should be a calm organized
experience and while not always stress free because of other personal situations, we hope to alleviate
some of the stress and burden by keeping the funeral a sacred and meaningful ceremony of your
loved one. We’re not just another funeral home serving your family, it’s our family serving yours.
98% of the time you will work with the same person(s) throughout the entire process to ensure
you receive the service expected and deserved during such a difficult time.

Funeral or cremation - Which do I choose?

This is a very personal and final decision that you or your family must decide and we encourage
you to think and talk about this in advance to make sure that you decide what's best for your
family, your beliefs and your final wishes.

Many times because of the advertisements of insurance companies trying to sell higher priced
policies, cremation society ads and larger corporate owned funeral home prices, people walk
into our location expecting a large funeral bill once the services are rendered. We encourage
you not to base your decision on prices you’ve seen elsewhere or on television. At Clarke & Staples
Funeral Homes we make it very simple and YOU determine the price of the services that you
choose. We can show you ways to cut costs not matter if you choose traditional funeral or cremation
but we like our families to know all of our options before making a decision based on what
they’ve read or heard.

We ask you to not make the wrong decision based on information you’ve read or heard, but allow
us to give you the information you need to make a responsible decision that will enable you to
pay tribute to your loved one in the method of their choice without the inflated costs shown in
the media. Keep in mind when planning for your loved one “This Life was/is Important, Their Wishes
are/were Important” and being educated on your choices is also very important.

 Traditional Funeral Options 
  • Traditional Funeral Service
  • Graveside Funeral Service
  • Direct Burial
  • Public Visitation
  • Private Visitation
  • Church Service
  • Same Day Service & Visitation
  • 20 Gauge Caskets
  • 18 Gauge Caskets
  • 16 Gauge Caskets
  • Stainless Caskets
  • Copper Caskets
  • Bronze Caskets
  • Burial Vaults
  • Alternative Caskets
 Cremation Options 
  • Memorial Service
  • Direct Cremation
  • Visitation with Body Present
  • Visitation without Body Present
  • Rental Caskets
  • Urn Choices
  • Urn Vaults
  • Burial of Cremains
  • Scattering of Cremains
 Funeral Options Explained 
Use the Tabs Below Tradition Funeral Graveside Funeral Direct Burial Same Day Service & Visitation
 Cremation Options Explained 
Use the Tabs Below Memorial Service Direct Cremation Visitation With & Without the Body Present
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